How to choose water soluble fertilizer?

First, look at the formula:

Water-soluble fertilizer is actually a formula fertilizer. Different formulas are prepared according to different crops, different soils and different water quality to meet the nutritional needs of crops, improve fertilizer utilization and reduce waste. Therefore, the formula is the key to distinguishing the quality of water-soluble fertilizers. . A large number of elemental water-soluble fertilizers in Fangdian have a variety of formulas, which can select suitable water-soluble fertilizer products according to the fertilizer requirements of different stages of crop growth. Special water soluble fertilizer products can be formulated according to the fertilizer requirements of special crops.

Second, look at the content:

Good water soluble fertilizers are industrial grade or even food grade raw materials. They are of high purity and do not contain any fillers. Therefore, the pure nutrient content is relatively high, 100% are nutrients that can be absorbed and utilized by crops, nitrogen. The phosphorus and potassium content can generally reach 60% or even higher.

The poor water soluble fertilizer generally has a low content. For each one less content, the cost will be different, and the price of the fertilizer will be different. At the same time, the low content of water soluble fertilizer has lower requirements on raw materials and production technology, and generally adopts agricultural grade raw materials. It contains a lot of impurities and fillers. These impurities and fillers not only have no benefit to the soil and crops, but also cause damage to the environment.

According to the use, raw materials can be divided into food grade, feed grade, industrial grade and agricultural grade. All of the water-soluble fertilizers used in Fangdian are food-grade raw materials with high nutrient content, good absorption and utilization rate, low heavy metal content, and no water-soluble and no precipitation.

Third, look at water solubility:

Plants have no teeth, can not eat fertilizer, can only drink fertilizer, so only fertilizers that are completely dissolved in water can be absorbed and utilized by crops. To identify the water solubility of water soluble fertilizer, it is only necessary to dissolve the fertilizer into clear water to see if the solution is clear and transparent. If it is the same as water, the water solubility is good. Fangdian water-soluble fertilizer is completely soluble in water and left for a few hours without precipitation.

Fourth, smell:

Good water soluble fertilizers are made from high-purity raw materials, without any taste or a very light fragrance. Fertilizers with odors are either hormones or too much harmful substances. These fertilizers work quickly, but they do not benefit the crop's disease resistance and sustained yield and quality. Fangdian water-soluble fertilizer has no odor.

Fifth, see the effect:

Through the above four points, the water-soluble fertilizer can be initially screened, and then the appropriate water-soluble fertilizer can be selected through field effect comparison. Good water soluble fertilizers will not work too fast, because nutrients have a process of absorption and transformation. Unlike hormonal fertilizers, the next day has a significant effect. A good water-soluble fertilizer will not be too slow, because it is completely soluble in water and the crop can be absorbed directly.

Sixth, look at the service:

Fangdian Company has a professional laboratory to accurately measure the soil nutrient content; Fangdian Company has a professional team to study the law of crop growth and fertilizer requirements; Fangdian Company arranges experiments to verify the effect of the company's fertilizer on different crops. 

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