The opening ceremony of Shanghai Fondin's 100,000-ton special fertilizer smart factory was successfully held!

Release Date:2020-09-08

On August 29th, Shanghai Fondin Bio-tech Co., Ltd.'s 100,000-ton special fertilizer smart factory commissioning ceremony was successfully held in Shanghai Lingang New Area! "Intelligent creation is extraordinary, and control sees the future." Tan Zhiheng, Party Committee and Deputy Mayor of Shuyuan Town, Pudong New Area and Lingang New Area, Shanghai, Jiao Mao and Yang Zhihua, the controlling shareholder and co-founder of Shanghai Fangdian, Chen Wei, Managing Director, Nong Relevant leaders of the capital industry and friends from the media attended the commissioning ceremony.

Chen Wei, managing director of Shanghai Fondin Bio-tech Co., Ltd., first expressed his warm welcome and sincere gratitude to Shanghai municipal governments at all levels, Lingang New Area, Shuyuan Town government and global partners who have long cared for and supported Fondin. In his speech, in the context of building world-class industrial clusters such as smart manufacturing and biomedicine in the Lingang New Area, I believe that while Shanghai Fondin is rooted in the concentric development of the Lingang biological industry, it will also break out of the Shanghai Fondin "Exclusive track", run out of Lingang speed, establish "Shanghai brand", and create "national product boutique"!

The production of the Fondin Super Factory means that we can provide more stable, high-standard, and diversified products to serve farmers and make planting easier; it means that we can deliver faster and more efficiently, and meet our customers' needs in a timely manner. ; Means that a more open Fondin platform will integrate more and better global resources, cross-border suppliers, enter the agricultural production material supply chain, and make agriculture better.


Tan Zhiheng, the Party Committee and Deputy Mayor of Shuyuan Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, delivered a wonderful speech. Since its establishment in Lingang Shuyuan Industrial Park in 2013, Shanghai Fondin has experienced a process of growing and accumulating, and its output value has increased year by year, reaching 250 million in 2019 yuan. At the same time, the company has always focused on product research and development, continuously improved its technological innovation capabilities, and built the only domestic laboratory with CMA and CNAS certification, and has successively won the titles of "National High-tech Enterprise" and "Shanghai Science and Technology Little Giant Enterprise". In 2019, according to the company's development strategy needs, more than 40 million will be invested to introduce a world-class intelligent production line, which provides a more solid guarantee for the improvement of product quality and the doubling of production capacity.

Under the favorable situation that Lingang New Area proposes to promote the leapfrog development of industrial scale and energy level, and concentrate policies to attract integrated circuit, artificial intelligence, biomedicine, and core link production and R&D companies to gather in Lingang, we sincerely hope that Fangdian Biotechnology will be intelligent The factory is an opportunity to further determine the development strategy of large companies, firmly grasp the opportunities of industrial development, make persistent efforts, continue to do a good job in product research and development, technological innovation, and industrial upgrading, and strive to make the company bigger and stronger!


As a witness to the entire project, Zhang Jianqiang, deputy general manager of Shanghai Fondin, introduced the smart factory in detail to the guests. “We have taken the lead in realizing smart manufacturing in the industry, and we are the leading technology in the industry and the world.” The main manifestations are, first of all. It is a full process, unmanned operation. Starting from machine identification of material bar codes, more than 400 sensors of various types are used, and the whole process is controlled by the system without human intervention. In a sense, the industrial application of artificial intelligence is realized. Secondly, precise batching and weighing are completed automatically. The frequency conversion batching module nested in the entire process engineering, combined with the electronic weighing module, can realize accurate weighing and batching, and can realize the reliable and stable quality of multi-batch products. In addition, the flexible production capacity of multiple recipes supports 9999 recipe presets, the artificial intelligence memory optimization parameters are applied in the switching of different recipes, and the automatic cleaning function of the equipment is simultaneously equipped, which can easily realize the needs of flexible production. The last is environmental control to achieve cleaner production and green production. At the moment when environmental protection requirements are strict, the entire process is equipped with an internal loop filter and dust removal system at every link, which has almost zero emissions.

Chen Jihua, the representative of the integrated system supplier project, also expressed congratulations and delivered a speech at the ceremony. The project used a large number of advanced technologies such as mixers, fast hoists, and full-line automatic control. The completion and commissioning of the line has fewer operators and environmental pollution. Obvious advantages such as less and high product quality. This means that in terms of technology, Shanghai Fondin is far ahead of other manufacturers in the domestic water-soluble fertilizer industry, and its competitiveness has been greatly improved!

Finally, witnessed by the leaders, domestic and foreign guests and friends from the media, the commissioning ceremony of the Shanghai Fondin Smart Factory was successfully completed! It marks the completion of Shanghai Fondin's gorgeous turn from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing.

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