Product Name:Calcium

Product Manual:

● This product is seaweed oligosaccharide calcium that can be mixed with potassium dihydrogen phosphate, and the calcium oxide content is as high as 224g/L;

● This product is highly concentrated sugar alcohol organic calcium, specially added 100g/L seaweed extract;

● Strong mobility, bagged fruits, can continue to be used after bagging, the fruit can increase fruit powder obviously;

● Effectively solve the symptoms of calcium deficiency such as cracked fruit, soft fruit, poor taste, poor surface gloss, and short storage period.


●Apply during transplanting period, vine growing period, young fruit period, swelling and mature period;

●Foliar spraying: 500-1000 times; 7-10 days/time;

●Root use: drip irrigation/flushing 0.5 kg-1 kg/mu/time; hectare dosage 7.5 kg-15 kg/ha/time;

●Can be mixed with most pesticides, avoid mixing with strong alkaline pesticides, and use them now;

●If you need other crop application techniques, please consult your local agronomist or agricultural technology department.


Registered crop: melon

Registration number: Nongfei (2014) Zhunzi No. 3594

Executive standard: NY 2266-2012

Generic name: medium element water-soluble fertilizer

Product dosage form: liquid

Technical indicators: Ca≥160g/L Calcium (Ca) 160g/L

Contact Number400-1581-068
Company Address上海市浦东新区书院都市工业园区定武路1588弄18号